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I am so happy today to introduce you to our Malalilas store.

Over the past few months, the global situation has made many of us turn to new tools or methods to help maintain our moral, mental and physical balance. For many, meditation has turned out to be a very useful approach in these difficult times and may very well continue to prove to be essential in everyday life.

Founded by a collective of women entrepreneurs, MALALILAS offers personalized support to anyone who wishes to include the practice of meditation at the heart of their activities. First at home, but also in businesses in order to experience the many virtues that the practice of meditation can bring, within the framework of daily life where one can easily and quickly "lose their balance".

A distinguishing feature of MALALILAS is to have worked with local partners to develop a range of products (accessories) and quality services. On the MALALILAS website, there are magnificent accessories that help to create a space conducive to the practice of meditation.

Everyone needs spiritual support in order to evolve on a daily basis. Whether talking about simply accomplishing our recurring tasks, enjoying moments with loved ones or being mindful of our strengths and the achievement of our goals, it is more important than ever to be able to count on support that is available at anytime. Meditation can be this support.

With MALALILAS, we want to make the practice of meditation easier for as many people as possible.


Rachel Laplante, co-founder

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