Why Malalilas ?




It is a meditation necklace, the word MALA means garland, its origin comes from India, 8th century before our time. They are also used for prayer in Asia. A Mala is much more than a beautiful piece of jewelry, it is also used in meditation. In addition, each stone has an energy benefit for the person who uses it. Each Mala in our shop is made up of 108 semi-precious stones.

To meditate, you can hold it in your hand, run the marbles through your fingers, to help you stay focused. For regulars, the Mala is used to count mantras or breaths, not to mention the effect of semi-precious stones on you. It is a lucky charm, it reminds us to breathe, to take a break and to take care of ourselves. 


The color lilas is the color of the Chakra of the Crown or Sahasrara. It is the 7th chakra and it corresponds to our spiritual connection, wisdom, self-knowledge, soul awareness, etc.

It is often unbalanced naturally, it develops during our spiritual journey, the connection with the energy sciences, and more ...!


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