SLEEP formula to distribute

SLEEP formula to distribute

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The benefits of lavender will gently rock you until you reach a deep, restful sleep. The properties of this formula will also help you get back to sleep faster.

The Sleep formula with calming, relaxing and sedative properties is recommended for people who have difficulty falling asleep. To complement lavender, the sweet aroma of benzoin is reminiscent of vanilla and envelops you in a comfortable and soothing sensation. Also available in an all-round spray format.

Usage tips
Diffuse in the room where you will be sleeping, for 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime or nap time.

Pure and organic essential oils
Officinal lavender and benzoin absolute.

Do not use in rooms of children under six months old.

Start by adding 4 to 5 drops of the formula to a diffuser. If you like the smell, add 2-3 more drops for a little more intensity.

Lavandula officinalis oil (essential oil of officinal lavender), styrax benzoe resin oil (benzoin oleo-resine).

Vivia Aromatherapy, Made in Quebec.

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