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Taking care of your yoga mat is a small gesture that will extend its life in addition to giving you a clean surface for your practice. Your carpet will tell you "namasté"!

A few sprays on your yoga mat or training mat are enough to clean it thanks to the disinfecting and sanitizing properties of its essential oils. Vapo Yoga is water-based, non-greasy, no sticky residue and no stain.

Pure and organic essential oils
Citrus Variant: Lemon, grapefruit, orange and bergamot.

Simply spray on your yoga mat to clean it and in the room where you practice yoga.

Citrus Variant: Aqua / water (water), citrus sinensis zest oil (orange), citrus reticulata zest oil (mandarin), citrus bergamia zest oil (bergamot), lecithin (soy lecithin).

Vivia Aromatherapy, Made in Quebec.

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